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'The Power Within' - Lions Gate 2023

Reflecting back on this time last year - the weather, my return to the sea after 15 years, breakthroughs and progress in my own trauma healing journey, my dental story and health challenges continuing. 2023 is quite a year so far! This year has felt like a year to bring even more focus to my health, looking more at boundaries, learning to say 'No' more often (which is very hard as a people pleaser and empath), but knowing this is necessary if I am to be stronger. I am learning to flow in life, facing the challenges of shadow work, surrendering and trusting in the process, embracing and valuing the support I have from my family and two therapists. All play a very important part in my journey. I am not a huge follower of numerology or astrology, but this year Lions Gate grabbed my attention. There felt an urgency to plant the seeds of what I hope will grow into something beautiful to help many people in the future. Lions Gate 8/8 felt the ideal opportunity to put all my focus into this. The day did not end up as I expected, but I learned so much and survived it!

On 8/8 I was unexpectedly catapulted by a fast sequence of triggers in a short space of time, into past traumas, painful hurts and realisations, going into a total overwhelm, questioning my purpose, my body feeling it did not have the capacity to process the sheer volume and intensity of it all, but giving myself permission to do whatever I needed to do to navigate this wave over the coming days, reminding myself that 'This will pass'. I spent days feeling totally overwhelmed, one of the darkest of times, but emerged from this four days later, still carrying the hurts, but they were no longer so acutely painful and I could function once more. On the lead up to my 58th birthday, with the warmth, love and support of my husband and children over these difficult days, and a lovely telephone call last night with words of support, encouragement, motivation and belief in me, my energy realigned and I knew I could not give up on this vision. Today 11 August 2023, I have formally laid the foundation ... against all odds! Will it come to fruition? Who knows, but I have to try or I will be forever wondering 'what if?' There are still a few more elements to put in place, but finally the main part is done. Now the formalities are set, the pressure is off, and it is time to spend a few days focusing on self-care, being with my family, relaxing and nourishing myself. This last week led me to revisit memories of my healing room I opened summer 2018, which only stayed open for a few months, due to the venue closing and being taken over. That was a sad day for me. But I packed everything away, knowing one day it will resurface when the time is right. I look forward to that day. The photo in this blog is appropriate for this time. My limited edition print by Patrick Gamble 'The Power Within'. A print I used to have on my healing room wall, to remind me that we all have that within us, we just need to be still, believe, trust and tap into it, overcoming our monkey mind chatter and self-doubt. From people I know, it seems the energies are intense for so many right now, so I want to take this opportunity to send love to you all and remember 'This too shall pass.' Keep shining and making a difference in the world. It maybe a bumpy ride, but no one said it would be easy, and we are all here with a purpose, to do our own healing and to do out bit to help make this world a kinder place. I hope you enjoy this beautiful track and video.

Much love. Jenny x


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