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Reflections and where do we go from here?

I can't believe it is almost 12 months since I wrote my last blog! 2020-2021 presented challenges for many people around the world, and still does. I am not going to go into the 'ins and outs' of it all, as I think we are all pretty tired of it! 2021 has been consumed with my dental journey, and this is far from over. I remain in pain and discomfort, and wondering when this will ever end. I had hoped I would be well onto the next stage at this point. I stepped out of my comfort zone and set up a You Tube channel to share my journey in real time, as well as broadcasting live videos to my social media followers, which was and remains challenging due to my health challenges. My aim was to share the lows but also the highs, and there were a few!

I noted some health improvements, but can see things gradually sliding backwards, possibly because the surgery is not yet complete, with possible infections in my jaw and/or body also to consider. My hope is improvements will continue after the next round of surgery as the year progresses. I think people on this path, need to not expect too much of themselves, and accept they need to take things slowly.

I do my best to believe that eventually I will come out the other side, and those who are beginning or walking a similar health path, not believing there is any hope of wellness, will hopefully take strength from looking back on my video diaries, from where it all began. It has been a bumpy road to say the least with my dental surgery, but from this, I have gone on connect with and meet some new lovely people, who have made a positive impact on my life, restoring my faith in humanity.

Like many others I connect with online, it has been a year of loss of friendships, but also new ones emerging. The loss of friendships, relationships and situations can be painful, and I know many are struggling. I reflect back with gratitude on what a person or situation brought into my life and not dwell on the way it ended. Perhaps these may return into your life at a later date, or maybe not. It maybe simply be a 'pause'. 2022? I have no expectations, but hope I will return to my healing work. I miss it so much! The last 2 years I needed to create boundaries and focus on my own healing, before I could be of service to anyone. That in itself is pretty hard for an empath who wants to help create a kinder, happier and healthier world! Remember ... everything is a lesson, everything is as it is meant to be, even if you cannot make sense of it at the time. Flow and grow. Sending out love, light and healing to everyone.

Jenny x


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