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"A healer does not heal you.
A healer is someone who  holds space for you
while you awaken your inner healer,
so that you may heal yourself"

Not everyone is on a journey of healing trauma, for some, they simply live full, busy and stressful lives, and struggle to find time for their self-care.  Ask yourself - Do you feel worthy of an hour away from the chaos of life and outside demands, to focus on relaxing your body and mind?

Energy healing supports relaxation for the body, supporting energy to flow freely, which is beneficial for our health and happiness.


For anyone experiencing anxiety or unprocessed trauma

My personal view is for anyone with anxiety or trauma, deep dives into emotions on quick fix therapies, workshops or overpriced retreats need to be approached with caution, with consideration given to the potential of re-triggering the nervous system.

Walking a path of healing from trauma may feel challenging, overwhelming, with the potential to disassociate and immobilise at times.  Safety and Trust in any therapist you decide to work with is key, as is a slow and gentle approach, with open and clear communication, this will all enrich your sessions and support the process.

There may feel really tough at times, but I can say from personal experience, it is amazing when you feel the aliveness in your body and in life itself.

I offer my healing sessions on a massage therapy couch or on a padded surface on the floor, whichever resonates and is more comfortable to you. Some people may want to lie still and relax in a session, others may wish to move and express emotion.  All is welcome.

You can receive energy healing at a physical appointment, or from a distance whilst in the comfort of your own home which can be accessible via video call with myself, or without a face to face appointment.

Energy healers do not diagnose or claim to cure illness.  We are not miracle workers, we do not 'fix' people.  We work with you to release blocked energy to help you heal yourself, to lead a happier and more balanced life.

I trained in Usui Holy Fire Reiki here in the UK and Pure Energy Healing with International Healer Mark Bajerski in Spain (now retired).   I also offer optional shamanic drum sound healing in my private sessions.  I work intuitively, bringing in breath, sound and flowing touch as and when guided.  I aim to offer a nurturing space for you, where you can just be, without fear of judgement, and a hug guaranteed for anyone who wants one! We need more hugs in the world!

Feedback from my clients:

"That was the most loving and nurturing space."
"I wasn't expecting that."

"I could really feel the vibration go right through my body."
"You drum beautifully."
"Don't change anything you are doing, you are very authentic."
"You have a lovely voice." (That is open to debate !!!)
"When you touched my head, I knew my loved one was here."
"I could not say infront of everyone at the session, but when you touched my stomach in the way you did, the emotional wave was so intense.  I died in my Mother's womb and they had to do CPR on her."
"Things don't normally 'happen' to me at these type of events, but when you touched me, a ball of white light appeared and moved up my body.  It felt overwhelming, so full of love."
"When you stood behind me, I could see and feel angels channelling through you.  Your light and energy is so powerful and beautiful, I feel so grateful."
"I love the intuitive way you work."
"I felt like I have had a big warm hug."
"Haven’t felt this relaxed in years."

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