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Shamanic Drum Healing

"I feel a very strong love, energy and connection to the spirit of my drum, and look forward to sharing it's powerful healing vibration with you."  Jenny 


"Tamaya has a unique and authentic approach to healing. I recently lost my father and after today’s healing session along with sound therapy (the drum), I feel more balanced and at peace internally. The sensations from the energies being exchanged were incredible. I experienced many different colours and visualisations of being an eagle flying high above the deep blue ocean. This really was an exceptional experience ..."

I have just had a marvellous energy healing with Jenny today and came away feeling a lot better than when I arrived. Jenny gives you her full attention and works intuitively with heart and skill.  I especially liked the drumming and felt the energies coming together at the end."

I offer Shamanic Drumming during 1:1 healing sessions. 

A Shamanic Drum session can take you on a journey of visualisation, of deep relaxation.  It can help release blocks, and some find it an intense emotional experience.

Feedback from my clients:

"That was the most loving and nurturing space."
"I wasn't expecting that."

"I could really feel the vibration go right through my body."
"You drum beautifully."
"Don't change anything you are doing, you are very authentic."
"You have a lovely voice." (That is open to debate !!!)
"When you touched my head, I knew my loved one was here."
"I could not say infront of everyone at the session, but when you touched my stomach in the way you did, the emotional wave was so intense.  I died in my Mother's womb and they had to do CPR on her."
"Things don't normally 'happen' to me at these type of events, but when you touched me, a ball of white light appeared and moved up my body.  It felt overwhelming, so full of love."
"When you stood behind me, I could see and feel angels channelling through you.  Your light and energy is so powerful and beautiful, I feel so grateful."
"I love the intuitive way you work."

For 1:1 sessions you can lie on the floor, or on a therapy couch, whichever is more comfortable for you.


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