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Grief and Loss

There are many forms of loss.  Here are just a few examples of situations that may leave you feeling a void in your life.


Children leaving home

Divorce or separation

Breakdown of friendships


Moving home

New parent


Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

We may reflect on happier times, grieving for the person we once were.

I am a strong believer that you need to do whatever helps you, without worrying about judgement from others. Everyone's journey is unique to them. Some people find it hard to open up about how much a loss has impacted on them, and carry on with their daily lives.


Some people pack their grief away in a hidden compartment deep inside and it remains unacknowledged or resolved.


Others put a brave face on for the world, whilst they are crying inside.

Energy needs to move freely around your body.  My belief is personal trauma, and negative feelings cause energy blocks, and if this is not addressed it can resurface in later years, even in the form of physical symptoms or illness.


In 2020 I began my own therapy journey around grief and it came about accidentally.  Over the next 3 years I have learned so much through my own experience of exploring my own personal grief, some of it spanning over 30 years.  Whilst painful, it is an exciting moment for me to see my journey moving forward in a positive way.  

Energy healing can be helpful to unblock trapped emotions, and these may re-surface during a healing session, or at a later date.

You may have one session and feel that is all you need, or you may feel the need to return.


I cannot wave a magic wand and make your pain go away, ultimately only the person themselves can do that, but what I offer may help you on the road to acceptance, healing and moving forward.

Tears are healing ...
Let them flow and cleanse your soul
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