Sacred Cacao Ceremonies

The Cacao plant is a plant medicine, affectionately known as the

'Food of the Gods'.

Used in ceremony it is a powerful heart opening plant medicine.

Raw cacao is rich in anti-oxidants and minerals.  It is a natural anti-depressant and can help with mental clarity.

For me raw cacao is all about love - self love and/or sharing with another, and that is the focus of my cacao ceremonies, as it is with all my healing work.  To not overthink things, sharing from a heart space and keeping it simple!

Bespoke events available for individuals and couples

A year ago I had never heard of Raw Cacao, and as someone with a lifelong addiction to chocolate, I feel very blessed to have found this wonderful healthy alternative, that brings so many benefits to our mind, body and spirit, and I want others to enjoy it too!

The raw cacao I use is Ceremonial Cacao Criollo from Ashaninkas Tribe.  It is grown traditionally, harvested in central Peru, non-GMO, 100% Organic and Raw.  It is unprocessed, recognised and respected for its high quality and taste. 

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My personal view is to partake without any expectations.  It is important however, to be focused about the reason you have come, to connect with your heart and set an intention/s of anything you feel you need clarity on at that time.

The Ceremony will last approximately 2½ hours.

The raw cacao will be prepared in readiness, and once consumed, you will lie down to relax and connect with the Cacao plant.  For the next 1½ hours I will move around the space with my instruments, playing them close to your body, where you will feel the energy vibration deep within.

Smaller groups enable me to give more individual attention to each person.

I believe I offer a very personal experience to a group event.  There are no set rules, some people like to lie down, others like to dance.  You are free to just be in the moment whilst I hold a safe space.

There will be time to journal your experience at the end of the session, share if you wish.

HEALTH.  Cacao increases the heart rate and lowers blood pressure.  In some instances, it may be necessary to offer a lesser dose.  This can be discussed at time of booking.

A minimum of 7 days notice is required for a Ceremony, together with full payment.

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