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Sacred Cacao Ceremonies

Tamaya Past Events

Private  ceremonies for groups, individuals and couples
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You are invited to a space of heart opening, connection and nurture


The Cacao plant is a plant medicine, affectionately known as the

'Food of the Gods'

Used in ceremony it is a powerful heart opening plant medicine.

The raw cacao I use is Ceremonial Cacao Criollo from Ashaninkas Tribe. It is grown traditionally, harvested in central Peru, non-GMO, 100% Organic and Raw, recognised for its high quality and taste. Used in ceremony it is a powerful
heart opening plant medicine.

Raw cacao is rich in antioxidants and minerals. 
A natural anti-depressant which can help with mental clarity.

For me raw cacao is all about love - and that is the focus of my cacao ceremonies,
as it is with all my healing work.
To not overthink things, sharing from a heart space and keeping it simple!

Until only a few years ago I had never heard of Raw Cacao and feel very blessed it entered my life, bringing many benefits to our mind, body and spirit.

You are invited to the sacred space, to connect with your heart whilst setting an intention of anything you feel you need clarity on at that time,
or of letting go of something deep within.

The Ceremony will last 2-3 hours, dependant on group size.

The raw cacao will be prepared in readiness, and once consumed, you will lie down to relax and connect with the Cacao plant.  I will move around the space with my instruments, playing them close to your body, where you will feel the energy vibration deep within.  Reiki healing will be offered during the Ceremony.

Following the Ceremony we will sit in silence, for you to journal your experience,
and there will then be opportunity to share in the circle if you wish.
To conclude, we will sit and enjoy food together to ground back into the present.  

I believe I offer a very personal and nurturing experience, holding a safe space, where you can feel free to be in the moment, releasing emotion without judgement.

* Please note raw cacao is also a stimulant and can contradict some
medications and health conditions 

To book a Sacred Cacao Ceremony, please call Jenny on 07483 826823 



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