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It's time for a preventative approach to our health
and well-being

Health and wellness is not all about going to the gym, yoga classes, lycra and expensive supplements.  There are basic things you need to look at to create a solid foundation to build upon.  There are times you need to go right back to the beginning.

From my own experiences and many others, we often only seek help when we have reached a low point and see no way forward.


I strongly believe we need to not only look at ways of managing our health more naturally, but we need to encourage a preventative mindset towards future health, instead of waiting until we crash and burn.

Medications have their place, but I have also seen many people blanket prescribed medications when a diagnosis is not possible, and they feel no better for it.

I am sure many of you can relate to the endless referral letters requesting scans, x-rays, investigative surgery, blood tests. Sometimes this can continue for years, with the person never achieving a diagnosis or relief from their symptoms.

Today we have a wealth of valuable information at our fingertips, but I know how overwhelming it can be, not only finding time to read it, but to also understand and implement.

My hope is not only adults, but also children, will be encouraged to make positive changes for their own health and influence a change in mindset of future generations.

Knowledge is a wonderful thing.

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