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Back to the Old Ways

So tonight I have unearthed my old mobile phone and decided to try ditch my smartphone. Want to join me on the smartphone detox challenge? What surreal unimaginable times we have found ourselves in during 2020. No doubt we have a bumpy journey ahead with more twists, turns and revelations. My belief is that we will come out the other side to see a much kinder and beautiful world, but there will no doubt be more heartache and loss on the way, due to forces out of our control. Keep trusting and believing, I know it is not easy, but remember, we are all in this together.

Try not to rise to the fear. Instead look upon it as an opportunity to get creative, to explore new ways. I am not saying it is easy, I struggle too! You could try a healthier eating regime to boost your immune system, look at what you can do to improve existing health conditions, maybe grow your own fruit and vegetables or simply beautiful flowers in your garden, make your own nut milks, cooking new recipes using fresh produce, a new hobby, reducing your EMF exposure ... I have a family and we all use devices. I know how hard it can be when you have children. It find it a challenge to limit my exposure to EMF, so I am hardly one to preach to my children, who have only ever known the world of smartphones. I find it incredible how daunting it feels to think I will venture out of my house without a smartphone or internet access. That in itself tells me this is not right! I can still make a phone call if I am in need, or my family need to contact me. I can also take photographs with my camera, download them onto my computer and post on social media at home at a later date if I wish to.

I have sat asking myself why do I feel the need to 'check-in' at a location, to take photos to immediately post on my social media pages or leave reviews, when I know reviews are often fake anyway! Why did I buy into all this? Then I think to myself I am just one of millions who fell into this trap of surveillance,and try not to beat myself up too much over it. As technology progresses so quickly, we get pulled along with it, and forget what it was like before we have the internet and information at our fingertips at the touch of a screen. Maybe it is time we showed our families, and others there are other ways, ways that some may have never experienced before, so they know no different. My friend has frequently said to me 'Take it right back to the beginning'. I often find the more 'simple ways' work better for me in many situations, so why not now? Her words have been in my head a lot this evening, and with recent news of a certain App we are being asked to have installed on our devices, and news of software being altered on existing users mobile phones, I decided the time is right for a smartphone Detox. Time for a blast to the past! Yes, our mobiles make life so much easier, but maybe they have made us lazy too?


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