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Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

What is a Whistleblower?  For me this is someone who has reported concerns of bad practice, whether that be an employee, a relative or a member of the public.  

In my voluntary work, it has been heart breaking for me to see so many people scarred by their experience.  To 'do the right thing' can bring devastating consequences.

Many have told me how they miss the person they used to be. They feel suspended in time, unable to move on, or visualise a time they will ever feel happy again.

When you have experienced trauma after whistle blowing, you can feel bullied, angry, frustrated, defeated, lost, confused, exhausted, depressed, weak, ill. It can be hard to see a way forward, and you may feel stuck.

Pure Energy Healing may help you to overcome these negative and destructive emotions.

Contemplate this:

Those who are prepared to cover up failings and refuse to challenge what they know, do so because they lack courage and integrity.

Those who use their voice to report concerns have courage and integrity. They are brave and caring souls.

So, who would you rather be?

Hold your head high and be proud you did the right thing. 

You can take steps to heal from the past to enable your future to be
a happier one.

Healing can bring a huge release from past trauma that has been supressed.

My intention is to work with others to deliver workshops and retreats for

people who have paid the price for doing the right thing.

A big thank you from me, to all of you who do the right thing to help others.

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