COMING SOON podcast exploring the world of UK Dentistry, in collaboration with Crowded Productions as a citizen journalist, and from the perspective of a patient searching the UK for a dentist.

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Did you know that your oral health can impact on your physical and mental health? Neither did I until 6 years ago, when I experienced debilitating dental issues.


I have gained an insight into the tooth/body connection, oral hygiene, nutrition, lifestyle, detoxification and the importance of finding a skilled and knowledgeable dentist, you feel you can trust and work with as a team.


I am sharing my personal ongoing story to raise awareness and give hope to others. 

It is time for change.


Help!  My Teeth are Killing Me!


I was inspired to begin this project in 2020, after spending

6 years travelling all over the UK trying to find a dentist to help me.

This experience is even more challenging and overwhelming, as I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 10 years ago, which affects my whole life and that of my husband and our two children.

I have spent 10 years searching for answers to my health, and strongly believe that my dental issues are contributing greatly to my chronic illness.

My experience of meeting numerous dentists has been a roller coaster ride of emotions and massive learning.  It left me so shocked and disillusioned.  The findings, conflicting advice and important issues missed, with quotes ranging from £999 to 34,000 euros.  It has shown me how the quality of examinations, knowledge and treatment plans varies, even within the holistic dentistry sector.  The 'Holistic' brand does not guarantee quality dental care.  Do your research prior to having any treatment, and do not rely totally on a website.

I decided to share my story to help raise awareness and give encouragement to others who may also be struggling. 

My first podcast 'Find Me a Dentist' in collaboration with Award Winning TV Producer/Director

Joe Casey of Crowded Productions media company comes out soon.  To receive regular updates, simply Sign In on my website, and my free monthly newsletters and any interim updates will be delivered straight to your Inbox.  You can unsubscribe at any time.


There are no words to express the importance of this treatment for me. I want my mouth to be metal, infection and toxin free, to give me a solid foundation to build upon in my quest for wellness.

Since I began this project, I have spoken to people who had to re-mortgage their homes, taken out big loans and credit cards to pay for their dental work.  For some it has cost them their job and marriage.  They may have a mouth that is infection free, but now face a lifetime of debt, which in itself causes stress, which impacts negatively on your health.


I have set up a Go Fund Me to fundraise, as I have no 'go to' money pot after dedicating 16 years working voluntarily, setting up and running two not for profit organisations, living as a one income family.

I am raising funds and working on a supplement protocol to strengthen my immune system to support my body before and after dental surgery.

You can subscribe to my You Tube Channel to follow my progress.

Your support would be greatly appreciated.

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Ways you can help me begin essential dental treatment and detoxification.  My first step to recovery and wellness

Donations, no matter how small, every penny counts!

Share link with your family, friends, work colleagues


Use hashtag #helpmyteetharekillingme and #findmeadentist when sharing link on social media

Share my story with your dentist, GP, consultant.  It may help others who present with unexplainable chronic symptoms.

I hope by following my story, it will give insight, inspiration and encouragement to others who live with chronic illness to never give up, and for those with healthy teeth, to ensure they remain so, and avoid invasive dental work in the future.  Thank you.

More about me and my background.  Click HERE.

An informative facebook group

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Acknowledgements and heartfelt thanks to the following

individuals and companies who have supported me on my continuing

health recovery journey

Biolab London  (Blood testing)

Chuckling Goat (Kefir and prebiotics)
Core Med Science

Crowded Productions (Podcast production)

Dr Kontos (Testing kits)

Dr Jung   (Blood test, supplements)

Feldenkrais Access (Online course)
Huel (Plant based meal replacement drinks)
Kaqun  (Drinking Water & Herbal Fermentation drops)  
Lilias Ahmeira (Holistic Medicine Practitioner consultation)
Melisa (Metal Allergy Testing)

MitoQ  (Supplements)
Patchworks  (Supplement Patches)

Pure Health (Supplements)

Robusta Health (Enema coffee)
PSO-RITE (Exercise equipment)
Sam Cooper (Light Kinseology and Biophoton Mirror treatments)

StressNoMore  (Enema Kit)
Thermograph Full Body

Vitalorganico (Supplements)
Wonder of Wellness   (Essential Oils)

Yoga Nutrition  (supplements)