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Mindful Light Touch / Massage for Women

In 2022 I found myself flowing into movement in my 1:1 healing sessions, which was well received by my clients.  From this I decided to offer Mindful Light Touch/Massage, trusting in the flow I am in.

Human touch is a basic human need, that so many people feel they are missing in their lives, even more so since 2020 with the challenges around separation, isolation and loneliness.


There are also people who struggle around receiving or giving touch for various reasons.  They may feel shut down and disconnected from their bodies.  This is a path I found myself on.  My own healing journey continues to be the most enlightening and incredible experience.

My personal view is for anyone with anxiety or trauma, deep dives into our emotions on quick fix workshops or overpriced retreats are unsupportive to us, and can even be 
counter-productive, with the potential to re-traumatise our nervous system.

As frustrating as it can be to want to fast track our healing, I have come to understand the importance of titration.  Safety and trust in your therapist, with open and clear communication enriches your sessions and supports the process, even if may feel difficult at the beginning.  It does get easier over time, I can vouch for that and also how amazing it feels when you feel the aliveness in your body and life.

I offer a safe space, my approach is gentle and nurturing and always at a pace you are comfortable with.  It is team work and I am guided by you.

In your session you can lie on the therapy couch, the floor or seated fully clothed.  If you prefer to undress, you will be covered with a blanket for your dignity. 

Currently I offer this for women and aim to provide a nurturing experience.


*  Please note I am not a qualified massage therapist.  This is not a therapeutic deep tissue massage therapy, or a therapy for people needing support around sexuality.  I cannot diagnose or treat muscular or other physical issues, but I can always find you someone who can help you with any of the above.


Sessions are 1hr, 90 mins or 2 hrs.

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