About Me

I live in beautiful South Devon with my husband and two children.

I am an intuitive healer, trained in Pure Energy Healing and Usui Holy Fire Reiki, play the Shamanic drum and run sacred cacao ceremonies.

I have been spiritually aware since my teenage years, and believe our loved ones who have passed, are only a thought away and always in our hearts.

I have held several jobs over the years, from admin to sales, but none made me truly happy or fulfilled.

In 2003 following the loss of our baby daughter Lucy 20 weeks into the pregnancy, my life perspective changed, as did my career aspirations.


Going to work was no longer about earning a salary, I wanted to make a difference to others.  Having a supportive husband enabled me to do just that. Looking back, this was a profound moment, and one that steered me onto a new pathway, leading me to where I am now.

I established and ran two not for profit organisations, both inspired by my own personal experiences, pregnancy loss and elderly care.  I worked for these organisations in a full time voluntary capacity for 17 years.


You can view both my You Tube Channels covering my years setting up and offering free services for people who had experienced pregnancy loss and my campaign work for improvements in elderly care, which led me to Parliament. 

Early 2017 outcomes of my campaigning years gave me clarity, that I needed to let go of things I had cared about deeply, but did not have the power to influence change, things that continued to cause a great deal of emotional pain, manifesting into physical pain. 

Helping others has always been at the heart of what I do.  It was time for acceptance and letting go, to use my energy in other ways, helping others, without compromising my health and happiness of myself and my family.

In July 2017 I continued my Reiki journey, completing Level 2.  Later that month, I travelled to Spain for my Pure Energy Healing course.

In 2014 Spain captured my heart and led me on a new pathway, and I became more and more drawn to the energy of the Native Americans, even though I knew nothing of the history or language.  It was interesting to come across Spanish connections, and no doubt I will explore this more in the future. 

I wanted to capture the beautiful uplifting colours and vibrancy of the Mediterranean, and the wisdom and connection with nature and spirit associated with the Native Americans. 

After many hours of searching for a name for my new venture,  I stumbled across the name Tamaya, my heart burst with joy, my eyes with tears, I now had my name, my roots.

Summer 2017 I was inspired to begin to learn the Native American flute and look forward to seeing where this journey takes me.

In October 2018 birthed my shamanic drum in Glastonbury, and I now offer this in my healing sessions.

 The Butterfly 

The Native Americans see the butterfly as a symbol of change, joy and colour. 

A miracle of transformation.












  Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash


Life experiences change us.  We need to embrace,

not resist the change, in order to grow.

No amount of sleep will refresh us,

if it is our soul that is tired.

I believe when we make intuitive changes,

we are tuning in to our life purpose,

 and this will make our soul sing!

Only by trusting to let go of what makes us unhappy,
can we have sight of what can be,
and experience what is yet to come. 


Jenny Moore


meritt-thomas-S3fr8UIk3Ek-unsplash (1).j

I believe everything happens for a reason. It can feel impossible to think this when we find ourselves in deeply painful times, but one day we look back and all becomes clear.  Some lessons are joyful, others not so. All equally important for our spiritual growth.

When you book a healing session with Tamaya, this will be a sacred time for you to just 'be', a time to forget the outside world and re-connect with you.

I would feel blessed to join you on your personal journey.