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About Me

In 2003 following the loss of our baby daughter Lucy 20 weeks into the pregnancy, my life perspective changed, as did my career aspirations.  Reflecting back, this was a profound moment, and one that steered me onto a new pathway, leading me to where I am now.

I established and ran two not for profit organisations for 17 years, on causes close to my heart, working voluntarily full time, supporting people in personal crisis around the UK.  

Helping others has always been at the heart of what I do, and in 2017 I knew it was time to step back into the world I had left behind 17 years ago, it was now time to explore ways I could use my energy to support others, but in a way that was kinder to me, my health and happiness, and releasing time for me to spend more time with my family.

In July 2017 I continued my Reiki journey, completing Level 2.  Later that month, I travelled to Spain for my Pure Energy Healing course.

In 2014 Spain captured my heart and led me on a new pathway.  I became more drawn to the energy of the Native Americans, even though I knew nothing of the history or language.  It was interesting to come across Spanish connections, and no doubt I will explore this more in the future. 

I wanted to capture the beautiful uplifting colours and vibrancy of the Mediterranean, and the wisdom and connection with nature and spirit associated with the Native Americans. 

After many hours of searching for a name for my new venture,  I stumbled across the name Tamaya, my heart burst with joy, my eyes with tears, I now had my name, my roots to build upon.

In 2018 I birthed my shamanic drum in Glastonbury and my life moved into a whole new dimension. 

I am passionate about sound, touch and breath.  Touch is a basic human need and a powerful healer. In 2022 I noticed my style of healing was shifting, I was being drawn to introduce movement during a healing session.  After positive feedback from clients, I now offer mindful light touch massage therapy.

The Butterfly

The Native Americans see the butterfly as a symbol of change, joy and colour. 

A miracle of transformation.












  Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash

"Life experiences change us.  We need to embrace,

not resist the change, in order to grow.

No amount of sleep will refresh us,

if it is our soul that is tired.

I believe when we make intuitive changes,

we are tuning in to our life purpose,

 and this will make our soul sing!

Only by trusting to let go of what makes us unhappy,
can we have sight of what can be,
and experience what is yet to come."


Jenny Moore


meritt-thomas-S3fr8UIk3Ek-unsplash (1).j

I believe everything happens for a reason. It can feel impossible to think this when we find ourselves in deeply painful times, but one day we may look back and all becomes clear.  Some lessons are joyful, others not so. All equally important for our spiritual growth.

We all have a timeline of events that have happened in our life to date, I am no exception.  I believe my life experiences enrich the healing work I offer, for me to connect in with my clients without judgement, providing a safe and nurturing space for them to release emotions, not supress them.

When you book a healing session with Tamaya, this will be a sacred time for you to just 'be', a time to forget the outside world and re-connect with you.

I would feel blessed to join you on your personal journey.



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