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Life After Baby Loss

Together at the Top

In 2003 I gave birth to our baby daughter Lucy 20 weeks into the pregnancy.  I later founded the

Forget Me Not Charity to help other bereaved parents.

Tamaya is my future, the next chapter.  I know that Lucy's spirit will walk alongside me, to help others who are living with pain, after having to say goodbye to their baby.

Everyone's experience is unique to them, there is no one size fits all regards how to grieve or heal.

In 2014 I travelled to Spain for healing with Mark Bajerski.  Deep rooted pain and emotion surfaced, and it was only then the true healing began.

This profound moment led me to return, and ultimately attend Mark's Pure Energy Healing course. I wanted to help others on their healing journey.

There is no quick fix. No one can take your pain away, only you can do that, just sometimes people need support whilst they process their grief, so they do not feel so alone.

Healing helped me process and accept my loss, and I now offer this path to support you.

I offer one to one healing appointments or distance healing including Skype.

To enquire about a video support consultation please email me at

Please note I am not an accredited counsellor, but have many years experience of running support services, attending a 6 month Cruse Bereavement Counselling course, Penhaligan's Friends Childhood Bereavement Course and National Association of Funeral Directors Foundation Certificate in Funeral Services 


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