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Thermography, chronic pain and dental issues

22 June 2021 I travelled to London for a full body thermograph scan.


In 2011 I was diagnosed with 'fibromyalgia'. Some of the symptoms I experience are debilitating, with widespread chronic, often immobilising body pain, fatigue, anxiety, mobility issues and brain fog.

Since that time to the present day I have received various hands-on therapies, and it has been commented on that my fascia was solid. No other explanation from health professionals, other than this must be yet another weird fibromyalgia symptom.  So I looked up fascia.

So what is fascia and it's function?


'Fascia is an abundant connective tissue in the body and is intricately woven around organs as well as wrapped around every individual muscular fibre.  It is the ultimate connective tissue, as one of its primary functions is connecting different bones, organs, and other soft tissues together.'


'Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. The tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. When stressed, it tightens up.'

My non-medically trained voice screamed out to me, "If my fascia was solid, inflexible, would this not be compressing my nerves, organs, bones, muscles, generating not only pain, numbness, pins and needles, electric shock feelings, but also impacting on my severely compromised bladder functioning for 18 years since pregnancy, and oesophageal issues for around a decade?"  My curiosity and fascination with this theory has not gone away, as I continue to be a detective of my own health.

Regular chiropractic treatments have been my 'go to' for a decade, and over recent years, I introduced massage, movement therapy and acupuncture.  Gone were the days of a relaxing pleasurable massage session, these now represented what I can only describe as torture!

In 2015 dental issues manifested, and it was then the world of biological/holistic dentistry opened up to me.  The connection of the teeth to the rest of the body, and now knowing what happens in your mouth can impact negatively on your physical and mental health.  Maybe this was a good place to start, after 4 years of trying to find solutions to a condition I refused to surrender to.  I began my search for a dentist in the UK who could help resolve my dental issues.  6 years on, my dental journey is far from over, despite having surgery in summer 2021.  My story HERE.

I decided I would look for ways to record and monitor 'before and after' dental surgery, as the connection of the mouth to the rest of the body is often overlooked in healthcare.  

Part of this process was a full body thermograph scan.  The main purpose to find out if there were any inflammatory markers leading from my mouth to the rest of my body.  My intention was to repeat this following my surgery, to compare images, and note any changes in my body.  As I still have more surgery to do, the second scan is on hold. I look forward to seeing the results eventually!

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This gave me great clarification, validation and focus.  The red areas indicate areas of heat/inflammation.


'The blushes over the forehead may represent sinus and/or occipital nerve inflammation and often contribute to headaches, sinus problems and allergies ...' 

There is marked perioral, R>L, and multi-focal bilateral maxillary and mandibular hyperthermia, which is consistent with dental/periodontal pathology.  Additionally, there are corresponding bilateral submandibular-cervical lymphatic drainage patterns.  Osteo-myelytic-necrosis possibly related to previous root canal or wisdom tooth extraction surgeries is a consideration.

The TMJ, lateral neck musculature, thyroid gland region and carotid arteries show no significant thermal findings.  Note:  Lack of thermal findings does not rule out evolving carotid artery pathology.  A family history of stroke may warrant further studies, e.g. CRP testing.'


'There are irregular areas of moderate hyperthermia over the levators, upper back and shoulders, R>L, which are consistent with myofascial dysfunction ...'

'The thoracic/lumar spine and sacrum demonstrate marked diffuse hyperthermia, which is consistent with joint inflammation and correlates with the reported lower back and leg pain.'


'There are irregular areas of mild non-specific hyperthermia over the epigastrium, upper and lateral abdomen, which are consistent with liver and small and large intestine dysfunction and correlates with the reported GERD and bloating.  Query irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)  IBS is often associated with food intolerances ....'


'There is moderate asymmetrical hyperthermia over the deltoids, R>L, which is compatible with myofascial dysfunction and joint inflammation ...'


'There is moderate asymmetrical hyperthermia over the toe pads and knees, R>L, which is compatible with myofascial dysfunction and joint inflammation ...'

'The lower extremity views show a loss of temperature gradient (circle) consistent with autonomic dysfunction.'


"It is important to note that thermography, like any other imaging procedure (e.g. CT, MRI, etc.), does not provide a diagnosis.  Thermography is an additional test that your doctor can use along with other tests to evaluate your health.  Only your physician can provide you with a diagnosis."
-  Medscan

I look forward to sharing my 'after' images and Report once I have completed and recovered from my dental surgery.

My personal view is these are key areas to look at on a journey to wellness:

Oral health
Gut health

Process unresolved past traumas
Human contact for mutual support and compassion


I hope this has been an interesting and helpful read for those on a health journey.


The company I used for my scan is Medscan, based in Liverpool, and run clinics nationally. Link to website HERE.

May I ask that images and text from my personal health report on this page are not copied and circulated without my permission.  

Thank you.

28 January 2022

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