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A New Chapter - Time of Reflection

I am sure we will all agree that 2020 was a memorable year, but also a year we would rather forget. Since March 2020 many have faced huge personal challenges, and have had significant life changes, and this continues at the beginning of 2021. For me 2020 has been a year of great reflection, painful lessons, health challenges, loss of friendships, new friendships made, and huge personal growth. I am sure many can relate. I have made the decision to move my focus to the Tamaya website to communicate with my followers. My Instagram (Tamayahealing) and Linkedin accounts remain and I have a new You Tube channel that I will begin to use in the coming months. You can subscribe HERE. Once a month I will be producing a newsletter, free to subscribers of the web site. To register to please visit the login on the web site. You can unsubscribe to this at any time, a link is on the website. The newsletter is intended to be a useful resource to keep my followers updated on all things Tamaya. It will include progress on my Podcast project in collaboration with media company Crowded Productions exploring the world of dentistry, as a patient searching for a dentist to help me after 6 years of complex dental issues, but also as a citizen journalist looking at the big picture. Interviews are progressing nicely, and we hope for this to be broadcast next month all being well. Update in February newsletter! After the 6 month trial of Tamaya Together, a UK friendship network, I have decided to continue this on for a monthly subscription fee for 1 year. Existing members will have another 6 months membership at no cost, as a thank you for believing in me and my vision. Once a month a database of members will be accessible on the website to those who have joined. In the infancy of the project this will be a national database, but as it evolves, then divided into regions, to help you easily connect with people in your local area. My hope is people will find this a helpful tool to develop offline communications to compliment their online network. This could be a phone call, video chat, letter writing and if appropriate face to face meet ups. An opportunity to make new friendships with likeminded people. I hope as 2021 moves forward, a much kinder and compassionate world evolves for us all. I look forward to welcoming you to my new platforms. Much love to everyone.

Jenny Moore Tamaya


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