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Sugar and Cancer

Sugar and Cancer.

Reading a conversation on social media this week got me thinking. I did not want my first blog to be a controversial one, but this is far too important to ignore.

I am no nutrition expert, and I certainly do not eat healthy myself. Sugar has and is an unwelcome visitor in my life, yet it is one I find struggle to say goodbye to.

Growing up, I always thought sugar to be something that could rot your teeth and make you fat. Now at the age of 52, I realise it does much more that that, yet I still find it hard to wean myself off it. I think the word 'wean' is a significant choice of words. I consider sugar to be an addiction, a very unhealthy one. Exploring the relationship of foods to our bodies is relatively new to me. It felt an ideal opportunity, as I begin my new journey with Tamaya, to create opportunities for us all to look at the relationship of food with our bodies and minds, and learn together. Healing for Mind, body and soul.

This week I had a light bulb moment, after reading a comment on a social media conversation about sugar and cancer charities. It prompted me to head for the web site of a charity known to me, and one dear to my heart for many reasons. I was shocked and saddened.

Why do Macmillan Cancer create a fundraising initiative, the World's Biggest Coffee Morning, encouraging people to indulge in cakes and biscuits, if sugar is something that feeds cancer, and can even cause it? I asked Macmillan this question on public twitter today. Here's their response:

"Sorry for your concern. Promoting a healthy diet is very important to us as seen on our website."

"Our Coffee Morning is promoted as a once yearly treat. Cake isn’t essential & It’s up to hosts what they serve."

"Our dietician & Cancer Research also write about sugar here."

I am sure I am not the only one who would rather eat a cake, than a healthy option! Sugar is an addiction. A quick fix. It makes us feel happy. Is this a responsible way for a cancer charity to raise money, knowing and homing in on peoples' weakness?

So, I pointed out the following facts, tagging in the Dept of Health and Jeremy Hunt:

1. The main image on the Macmillan World's Biggest Coffee Morning shows a group of adults sat with toddlers on their laps, with a tower of cup cakes and one child eagerly reaching out for a gingerbread.

2. There is a section on this site with Baking Recipes, again promoting tasty cakes to bake. Click here.

3. They are promoting cake as a 'treat' to not only adults, but young children.

4. I then discovered the Official Partner of Macmillan is Marks and Spencer. Macmillan say on their web site the following:

"Cake tastes better together" .... "and you can add some real style to your Coffee Morning with M&S's gorgeous new cake slice'. Click here.

Is this a charity who promotes HEALTHY EATING as they stated to me today?

So far this fundraising initiative has raised £21,065,912.00.

I hope in 2018 some of you will join me, as we work towards saying 'Goodbye to Sugar'. I am linking in with some lovely, very knowledgeable people, and my aim is to organise events with them in 2018, to help us look at eating more healthily to help people who live with painful conditions and prevent future illness. Subscribe to my newsletter on the website, and you will receive information when events are announced.

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