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Reach Out and Connect

We live in an age where we can connect with others around the world in an instant. Yet, we live in an age where isolation and loneliness is an ongoing and escalating serious social problem.

For those who can remember, reflect back to a time when we did not have the internet or a smart phone. How did businesses market themselves? Promote events? Grow?

How did friends keep in touch? The number of people tired of social media is growing, frustrated by the feeling of dependency to promote their business, and often disappointed by the lack of return from the relentless hours they invest.

A stream of repetitive sponsored posts appear in my news feed daily, not only ones generated by search engines, but paid posts to target certain groups. I know people who have spent a lot of money on sponsored advertisements with little or no return. Although tailored to my interests (most of the time), over recent weeks it has had the opposite effect for me, and I now hide them, choosing the option to not see them again. I see more and more online courses emerging, generating a feeling of saturation and overwhelm for many, ending up having the opposite effect to what was intended. My personal perspective is online courses have their place and are a wonderful way for people to access learning and sharing who may not be able to travel or have other limitations preventing them from attending a workshop at a venue. But ... I see online courses being used as a replacement, adding to the existing social problems of isolation and loneliness. Society is rapidly losing the ability to converse face to face, to have deep meaningful human interaction. I noticed the change when I ran a bereavement charity, when my support groups dwindled, as did the 1:1 befriending service. This was when online forums began to be a preferred method of support. Social media is faceless, it is not real. Often what we see is not how things really are in other's lives, and that can lead to people comparing themselves, which then leads to negative emotions. I have spent 14 years dependant upon social media for my work, and interestingly met some people who I have conversed with online, and when we eventually met, our view of one another totally changed, for the better! I think that is a powerful thought to consider. I would like to send a heartfelt message to all light workers, who are working so hard to bring positive change to the world, and that is no easy task. Please balance online courses with events to bring people together. We are not here to contribute to this divide in society. Whenever you can, reach out from your device and connect with others face to face. Your time, a hug, a smile, are some of the most precious gifts you can give anyone.

Make time. Be a lighthouse and keep shining. Thank you for all you do in this world. Namaste.


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