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We Learn from Everyone and Everything

The snow has once again slowed our lives down, offering the opportunity to reflect on the past, where we are now and our aspirations for the future.

The last 14 years working voluntarily running my own not for profit organisations has had it's moments, good and bad. The same applies to my personal life.

I have met a wide variety of people over the last 14 years. Some have caused me upset or hurt, showing me the person I would never want to be, some have made me laugh, and some have given their time/skills for free out of the kindness of their heart to help, with no hidden agendas.

I believe we meet people at times of our life for a reason, some will stay, others may drift away. It can be hard to not feel hurt by a parting of the ways. Understand that your paths were meant to cross at that time for whatever reason, and be thankful for that time, even if it was painful. We need to also be mindful, maybe that person needs to learn a lesson from us also. Over the last 6 months some people have re-entered my life after many years, people who were involved with me during my voluntary work. I got to know them, I know their intentions are good, and am excited we have reason to be connected once more! I am also meeting new people, and who knows, maybe they will become a part of my future dreams, but for whatever the reason, they have been guided into my life. Only time will reveal that. Be thankful for all those who enter your life and do not allow knock backs to keep you stuck. Keep moving forward remembering everything happens for a reason, but ultimately it is our choice whether we learn and grow from it.

Namaste. Jenny

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