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Find Time To Care

In the UK over recent days we were hit with severe weather. Areas of the UK were cut off by heavy snow, with many people's lives being severely disrupted.

We witnessed people isolated in their homes, people trying to travel home from work, but having to abandon their cars and walk home. We heard of boilers breaking down, leaving people with no heating or hot water in their homes. I have read about families running out of food, people needing prescriptions from pharmacies, a young single Mother who could not breastfeed running out of formula milk for her newborn. Then we have the ongoing plight of our homeless, being forced to sleep rough in atrocious conditions that no one should have to endure. However, amongst all of this, we have seen such heartwarming acts of human kindness. We have seen communities coming together to help one another. 4 x 4 vehicle owners offering to drive around collecting stranded people, taking staff to and from hospital so they can continue to deliver care, delivering groceries and prescriptions. We have seen boiler companies offering to go out and help elderly people in their homes who have been left without hot water and heating.

Over the last 24 hours, I have received messages from people who have caused me past hurt, and some I have not spoken to for a while, all enquiring that our family are okay as they have seen the coverage of my area of the UK on the news. Mother Nature has slowed us all down from our busy lives and when that happens, our attention turns to one another one more.

Let us make more time in our lives for one another and get off that treadmill called 'life'. We will then have time to care.

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