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March 2021

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Welcome to the second edition of the Tamaya newsletter.


This is a free newsletter available on the Tamaya Website, and is accessible on the site at any time.

In 2020 I began working on a podcast project in collaboration with Crowded Productions, exploring the world of dentistry in the UK as a citizen journalist, and patient with multiple dental issues on a 6 year journey to find a dentist.  I hope people will find this enlightening, informative and helpful regards how oral health can impact on physical and mental health.  This is the first of a series, which will look at themed areas of dental matters.  If you have a particular area you are interested in learning more about regards your teeth, please email

As someone who has spent most of my adult life with health challenges, now living with chronic pain and dental issues, I am passionate about continuing my exploration of therapies in search for wellness.  For me, it is important to document the process. It can be difficult to imagine being well when you see so many people on line who have come out the other end, fit and well.  I want to capture the challenges, the highs and lows, that I am sure many will relate to. Ultimately, I hope to come out the other end significantly healthier, my story giving inspiration and hope to others.

The Tamaya Together Friendship network promotes human connection. Remember how that feels?


Online activity has its place, but you can’t beat a telephone call, video chat, receiving a letter or email, rather than a quick emoji in a chat box.  As we move through 2021, there will hopefully be opportunities for members to meet, reflect, share hugs, laughter and rekindle the old ways of communication and friendship to complement their online activity.  Once the project evolves from its infancy, my aim is to expand exciting opportunities for members.  Let's keep the old ways alive - they are the best!


If you would like to be guest contributor to this newsletter, please get in touch by email


Many overlooked last month’s music offering, so I am repeating it for March.



Love and Light



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