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July 2021

Mountain Landscape

Since my last newsletter life has been pretty full on with my health journey.  Neurology consultation, MRI brain scan, nerve conduction studies, a trip to London for a full body thermograph, dental repair and consultation with holistic practitioner to discuss supplements.  

10 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a condition I truly believe can be significantly improved if not reversed.  I have tried various therapies and approaches searching for solutions for wellness, not only for me, but for everyone diagnosed with this condition who have given up all hope.  It has been and continues to be a challenging process, but on reflection I can see how much I have learned. I am now in a place where I have much more knowledge and clarity, rather than shooting in the dark hoping for the best.  I have read 1 in 3 people live with chronic pain.  Everyone's health journey is personal to them, there is no one size fits all, but my hope is by sharing my journey from beginning to end, real and raw, it will inspire and give hope to others to never give up looking for their answers.

My dental journey continues, as does my belief that once this surgery is completed, I will be able to detox my body of metals, toxins and infections, and continue on a pathway to wellness with significant lifestyle changes.  You can donate to my Go Fund Me to support me in funding my dental work below.






Tamaya Together Friendship Network

This project has now been running for almost 12 months and it was time to evaluate.  I had and still have exciting ideas on how to grow this project, but this required membership to grow to more significant numbers. Therefore, I have taken the decision at this point to draw the project to a close on this first anniversary, but it will remain in the background ready to be re-activated if the demand is there.  Thank you to all those who joined and supported the project from its infancy. I hope you found it a fulfilling experience. You can continue to access the newsletters for free on the website. 


Recipe of the Month - Pine Needle Tea


Pine needle tea has been considered an important medicinal tool for indigenous cultures for thousands of years.  It is important to use the correct pine needles, as some varieties may contain toxins or cause negative side effects.  You can find lots of information and videos online.


Pine needles have four times the vitamin C of fresh squeezed orange juice.* It should be avoided, however by pregnant mothers and those who plan to become pregnant.

These are suggested to be health benefits of Pine needle tea:


- ­Maximizes the immune system
- Improves vision

- Prevents respiratory infections

- Stimulates circulation

- Increases cognitive performance

- Strengthens heart health
- Accelerates healing

2 tablespoons fresh pine needles
1 cup boiled hot water
Honey to taste

Remove fresh, unblemished pine needles from the pine branches, rinse in cold water (You can also purchase pine needles very easily online).

If using fresh pine needles, cut them into small pieces using herb scissors or a sharp knife. Discard the brown scale that joins needles to the branch.

Place pine needles into a tea strainer, and place strainer into a mug.  You could also use a tea infuser if you have one.

Pour boiled water over pine needles, cover and leave for 5 minutes.

Strain and serve, adding honey to sweeten if required.

Drink whilst warm.  Enjoy!

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Health Support 


Do you struggle to finance holistic health care support and feel overwhelmed? I know some amazing compassionate and knowledgeable people who are now in discussions to create something very special and much needed for the UK people.  I will keep you updated.

Music offering for the month















Love and Light



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