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February 2021

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Welcome to the launch of the Tamaya newsletter.


I decided this would be a perfect way to keep my followers up to date on what is happening here at Tamaya.  This will be a free newsletter available on the Tamaya Website, and is accessible on the site at any time.

These last 12 months have not been easy for anyone. Life slowed up, many isolated from the outside world, some alone, others with close family.  This chapter in our lives presented the opportunity to stop and breathe, jump off the treadmill.  There was a stillness, a time for people to reflect and re-evaluate their life, whether that be their home location, relationships, friendships, health, work, dreams for the future. The opportunity to learn new skills, to research, to read, listen to music, take up new hobbies etc presented itself.  I observed many connecting online with likeminded people, but still they felt isolated, longing for more personal interactions.

The time felt right this year for me to look at new ways of communication, and I made the decision to direct my energies into my web site and You Tube videos, my You Tube platform ready and waiting.

I am currently working on a podcast in collaboration with Crowded Productions which is progressing very well.  I am exploring the world of dentistry in the UK, as a citizen journalist, and as a patient with multiple dental issues on a 6 year journey to find a dentist to help me.  I hope this will be launched in the coming months and people will find it enlightening, informative and helpful regards their own dental health.

The trial run of the Tamaya Together Friendship Network came to an end last month and now continues as a permanent project that will evolve over time. As 2021 moves forward, Tamaya Together will help you to connect with likeminded people offline, which I hope progresses to physical meet ups with likeminded people in your local area once restrictions are relaxed.  As the project grows, I have exciting ideas on how the project could expand.

To access the Members area on the Tamaya web site for my free monthly newsletter and the Tamaya Together Friendship Network Subscription, go to the Login at the top of the web site and enter your email address to register your information.

It would be wonderful to have a guest contributor as and when people feel they would like to submit something.  If you have something you would like to include in future editions, please email me on


Newsletters will be out at the start of every month, so I look forward to seeing you all again in March.


I hope you enjoy this month's music offering.















Love and Light


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