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August 2021

Mountain Landscape

Hurrah!   My dental work finally begins in just under two weeks, with my second surgery booked in for end of August. 

Whilst we can do so much ourselves to support our health, there are times when physical intervention is necessary, and this is one of those times.  When a part of your body is dead, then you have to remove it and all the bacteria that goes with it!

Life has been and continues to be pretty full on for me since June, as my focus had to shift onto boosting my immune system and preparing my body for the removal of amalgam fillings and extractions. 


Following that my metal detox can finally begin, using supplements to aid the detox process.  This is making me feel incredibly nervous after hearing of other’s experiences.  Doing my best to remain focused on the end goal – wellness.

Theories and Therapies

It continues to amaze me how far behind other countries we are, with I believe 1 in 3 people living in chronic pain.


As I continue to explore and discover various modalities, they bring validation on ‘gut’ feelings I have had for years, which is really exciting!  I would love to see therapies perceived as ‘alternative’ to be acknowledged as ‘revolutionary’ and ‘game changing’, as I believe they truly are.


I visualise a future where this level of healthcare is accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstances, giving hope and quality of life back to people who would otherwise remain on the hamster wheel of conventional medicine, whilst their health records grow larger and larger, with no positive outcomes.

My morning supplement regime. 

Find Me a Dentist Podcast


All interviews are concluded and editing currently in progress. 

As my dental surgery needed to progress as soon as possible, emergency funds had to be sourced to enable this to go ahead.  Donations are greatly appreciated, and you can support me via my Go Fund Me page, Every penny helps, thank you.  

August Hydration


Put the following in a blender, amounts according to your preference, blend and enjoy!

Coconut water





Vitalorganico kindly donated several supplements to start me on my journey.  They are a family business selling good quality, clean products with no nasties.  Compassion and your wellness is their focus.  Liposomal products are really beneficial for your body to absorb effectively.  To claim your 10% discount, quote Code JENNY1 when placing your online order.

Link to website 


Colloidal Silver - Order online and quote Code JM1 to receive 10% off your order Link to website


August Music Offering - The Power of Love














Love is even more important in our world right now - love for yourself and one another.   Sending my love to everyone. 

Love and Light



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