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April 2021

Mountain Landscape

Goodbye Spring, hello Summer!

Find Me a Dentist Podcast

One more interview to go, editing and then the podcast can be launched.  I have a new page on my web site and aim to develop this to offer resources and signposting for others on everything teeth!  This month I will be launching my fundraising platform ‘Help! My teeth are killing me’ to raise funds to cover the cost of my dental work for complex issues and essential detox protocols.




Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is a natural antibacterial/antiseptic used topically and internally around the world for humans and animals. UK Colloidal Silver has a worldwide reputation for providing the best quality True Amber Colloidal Silver.  The product is tested at Plymouth University to ensure a consistent quality.  “We can proudly state we produce the best True Amber Colloidal Silver anywhere!”  Order online and quote Code JM1 to receive 10% off your order


And Finally ....

It felt time to collate emotional memories of 16 years of full-time voluntary work, setting up and running two not for profit organisations, for baby loss support and campaigning for improvements in elderly care.  Our backgrounds and life experiences shape us, they teach us many things, and I learned a lot! Two new You Tube Channels are now up and running, sharing this chapter of my life.  Thanks to my teenage son, who has spent many hours working on this for me.

Information on both of these can be found by clicking the link below




My music offering for this month is from the Forget Me Not Baby Loss Charity fundraising 

Title track ‘Forget Me Not’ vocalist Lucy Cox

















Love and Light



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