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May 2022


2022 so far has been consumed with self-work around my health and wellbeing.

My ongoing acupuncture and somatic therapies continue to help me make some amazing breakthroughs since 2021, that I never would have dreamed possible. Much self-work has taken place over the last 2 years to help me reach this moment.

As we navigate our way through life and events which are ever changing, we need to be able to adapt to whatever feels in alignment.

I have decided for now, newsletters are not resonating with me.  This edition is to touch base with you all, share where I am at, and some highlights over the last 5 months.

I am unable to make any commitment to regular newsletters, and will write them as and when I feel guided to do so. Links to my social media platforms are at the bottom of this newsletter.

Dental Journey update

My fundraising platform on Go Fund Me remains open for donations to cover dental related expenses. I discovered after my dental work summer 2021 following x-rays and a 3D scan, that more work was required, and I was in constant pain/discomfort.  The dentist was then suspended and it was discovered they had been working without insurance. They have since retired, and I need funds to cover almost £10,000 spent, and future treatments/therapies.

Your signature of support on my petition to ensure that insurance of all dentists is monitored would be greatly appreciated.

Click HERE to sign, thank you! 


Some of the tools in my tool box for health this year so far. What's in yours?

Juice time 9 May.jpg
Juice time 7 May.jpg
Last session  1 March 2022.jpg


Beach walks


Family & Friendships









Trauma Focused

Vibration plate

Jouralling 22 April 2022.jpg

Restorative sleep and reducing EMF proving to be big challenges! 

January 2022
Move that lymph!

March 2022

Shamanic Healing with Joe Molloy

April 2022
Making Changes

April 2022

Trauma work


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You can follow me You Tube or Instagram.  I also have a blog page on my website, link HERE.
                                                     Music offering

This song was recently sent to me by a friend and has become a very special track to me. For anyone who may doubt their purpose, this is a must listen.  I hope you enjoy it.





The importance of self-care continues for us all. In fact this moment in time,

even moreso.

A big shift continues.  Trust that a better world is coming.








Surround yourself with people who believe in you, who feel in alignment, and disregard anything that affects your mood and energy in a negative way.

Maintain your focus ... and strength, offer kindness and compassion to others and don't forget to give yourself some love too.

Love and Light



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