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'Call to Nurture'
For Women

New for 2023


"It is time for women to be held and heal from their wounds." 
Jenny Moore, Tamaya


I felt a calling to offer a safe, supportive and sacred space for 1:1 work with women on their healing journey.  I am mindful and acknowledge men also need support, which I hope to offer in the future.

Call to Nurture are extended length sessions, created for you and delivered in the privacy of your own home or an outside location. 

We should all feel freedom to be ourselves, to relax, surrendering to 'what is' and receive nurturing knowing we are safe and supported to do so.

The circle of life as a woman brings many seasons of change, many experiences and emotions, all unique to each and every one of us. No one journey is the same.

So many carry life 'stories' within for years, if not their whole lifetime.  They can feel unseen, unheard, misunderstood, carrying pain in their hearts.  Unresolved emotional pain and trauma can lead to a dsyregulated nervous system, depression, anxiety and physical illness. 

I am here to support you in your unfolding as you journey within, offering a nurturing and safe space for you to share, release and receive.  A big part of my healing work revolves around touch (non-sexual).  During times of releasing and letting go I have personally experienced and witnessed what a powerful support this can be.

Everyone's needs are individual to them.  The session is for YOU.  As in all my healing work, I do not offer a generic approach of one size fits all, preferring to flow in the moment with your energy and whatever surfaces for you. 

I have personal experience of many of life's challenges that brings invaluable insight, understanding and strength when supporting others.  To name a few .... The anguish and despair of a loved one in the elderly care system, the agony and aftermath of whistleblowing for health professionals and the general public, sexual abuse, domestic violence, trauma, dental trauma, grief and chronic illness.  I also set up and delivered support services for parents who had experienced the loss of a baby during pregnancy.

I am not trained as a bodyworker or counsellor (but have completed Cruse Bereavement Counselling Course and run support groups and befriending services).  I bring my life and volunteering experiences, intuition, heart and compassion into my work, which is well received and appreciated by my clients. 

My Pledge to You

"I will hold a safe and compassionate space for you. If I feel at any point you need support I am unable to offer, I will always be honest and guide you to someone I trust who I feel has the knowledge and skills to help you. I have access to professional counselling services for those who may need that extra support." 

As someone who searched for over 30 years to find a practitioner who felt in alignment with me, I know only too well how difficult the search can be.

I realise even more from my own self work over recent years, that there is no 'quick fix', it needs to be taken slowly, with care and finding the right person/people to support you is of upmost importance, especially when healing from deep and often complex traumas.  Trust, safety, energy, flow can make or break your experience and progress.   Ultimately no one can wave a magic wand and heal us, but they can walk alongside supporting along the way.


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