Healing Circles

Available for events and private functions

Do you work long hours, feel stressed and struggle throughout your day?

Are you a parent who lives their life looking at their Family Calendar, to keep track of your daily activities?

Do you have mobility issues which make travelling difficult?


Skype or Distance Healing is ideal for those who may be housebound or unable to attend appointments due to work or other commitments.


With the convenience of Skype on mobile telephones and other devices, you can access one to one healing during your day, whether you are on the move, at work on a break, or unable to travel.

For Skype or Distance Healing,  a registration form will be emailed to you prior to your appointment.   


As someone who lives with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, I am very mindful of the need for comfort during any therapy or activity I offer for people who live with chronic pain conditions.  I want people to feel comfortable, not only physically, but emotionally too.  No fear, no judgement, no exclusion.                                                             

Please note a consultation is required at first appointment 

First appointment - consultation and healing  (1½ hours)

1:1 Hands on healing with/without shamanic drum (1 hour)                                                                                                                           

Distance healing  30 minutes 

Skype healing       30 minutes

Sacred Cacao Ceremonies for individuals, couples, groups  (2-3 hours)



People have said to me a healing session passes by so quickly, and they never want it to end!  So, why not extend your Me Time?

Multi therapy packages are available, to offer a longer relaxation experience, whether that be for individuals, groups of friends of work colleagues.

The following would be priced individually, dependant upon location, numbers and your requirements to deliver a quality bespoke service.


Raw Cacao Ceremonies for groups

Raw Cacao Ceremonies for individuals

Healing Circles

Shamanic Drum Sound Bath for groups

Pre-Wedding packages

Bookings for events and retreats

To book your FREE consultation to discuss a bespoke package:

Call Jenny on 07483 826823

07483 826823

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