Friendship Network promoting human connection

I am passionate about exploring ways to bring people together

in a meaningful and fulfilling way, to compliment online communities


We live in a world of rapidly developing technology offering numerous online platforms,

yet we see an increase in isolation and loneliness.

Many people would like to engage with like-minded people in a more direct personal way,

but the old ways are becoming a distant memory for many,

 ways that younger generations have never even known. 

It is time to go back to the beginning

My aim is to create a network for people to connect
via email, telephone, video chat, letters, holiday house swaps

There will come a time when people can resume face to face meetings
without fear or anxiety, and that will open up many exciting opportunities

I have many beautiful and exciting ideas on how I would like to see Tamaya Together
evolve, but in these unprecedented times, we cannot predict what may be possible and when,

so all any of us can do for now is to go with the flow.

Tamaya Together will grow organically and we will see where it takes us


Tamaya Together


This membership is for individuals with open minds and kind hearts

 who care about other human beings.

Please be aware that your personal information will not be shared with

any  organisations or non-members.

Disclaimer on web site

I look forward to welcoming you