New Zealand
Friendship Network promoting human connection

I am passionate about exploring ways to bring people together

in a meaningful and fulfilling way  to compliment online communities


We live in a world of rapidly developing technology offering numerous platforms online, yet we face an increase in isolation and loneliness.

Many people would like to engage with like-minded people in a more direct way. 

You could be engaging with people in numerous social media groups, sharing similar interests, not knowing some may live near to you.

During these unprecedented times

we never know when physical meet ups will be possible

It is time to go back to the beginning

My aim is to create a network for people to connect
via email, telephone, video chat, letters, or face to face if no social distancing

I am excited and proud to announce

Tamaya Together

This membership is for individuals with open minds
and kind hearts 
who care about other human beings

Once a month you will be emailed a list of all members in your catchment area

 with contact information.

First circulation due mid-August

One off subscription $30



Please complete the form below

Upon completing your registration form,

verify you are not a robot on the visuals and click submit form. 

The PAY button will appear for you to complete your registration

Please be aware that your personal information will not be shared with

any  organisations or non-members

 I am trialling this initiative until 31 January 2021 
after which there would be an annual subscription


If viable, I will continue to run this project after the trial introducing new connection opportunities, with those already registered receiving an

additional 6 months FREE membership

I look forward to welcoming you 


Tamaya Together

07483 826823

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