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Journey to the Heart
Shamanic Drum Sound Bath


No. 4 Station Yard

Ashburton, TQ13 7EF


Sunday 4 December 2022


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You are invited to step into this nurturing and sacred space, leave the outside world behind, relax and connect with your heart and the beautiful and powerful healing energy of the shamanic drum. Reiki is also offered.

Do you lead a busy life and long for a break from mobile phones, computers, work, deadlines and people needing you?

Are you wanting to incorporate some me time into your life as part of your self-care?

This is an opportunity for you to have nothing to think about but you.  Time to journey into your heart.

Self care is not a luxury, it is essential, and often difficult for those who 'give' so much to others.  We can only keep giving for so long before our body and mind says 'enough' and we are then unable to help ourselves or anyone else.  By identifying and tending to our own needs, we are able to navigate our busy lives more effectively and are stronger to support others.

We are hearing more and more about the benefits of sound therapy for our well being, and the shamanic drum is no exception.

Feedback from my sessions:

"That was the most loving and nurturing space."
"I wasn't expecting that."
"I could really feel the vibration go right through my body."

"You drum beautifully."

"Don't change anything you are doing, you are very authentic."

"You have a lovely voice." (That is open to debate !!!)

What to Expect

During the sound bath I move around the space with my drum and other instruments, playing close to your body for you to experience the energy vibration deep within.  I will offer individual hands on healing to conclude the drum journey if time allows, followed by an invitation to share in the circle for anyone who may wish to do so.  There are no set rules, no expectations, just an invitation to flow as you wish to flow.


What to bring

Yoga mat or cushion to lie on
Water to drink
An open mind and and open heart



Please arrive 5 minutes before start time, as doors will be closed at 7.30pm to avoid any interruption to the session.  Thank you for your understanding.

I look forward to sharing a wonderful evening of connection, friendship, heart opening and love.



To book your space, please call Jenny on 07483 826823

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