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What to expect at a Shamanic Drum Sound Bath?

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An hour to lie down, forget about everything and immerse yourself in the beautiful sounds of the Shamanic Drum is a wonderful way to relax and recharge.

During the sound bath, I cleanse the space, play music, use my voice (on occasions!) and move around the space with my drum and other instruments, playing close to your body, so you really feel the energy vibration deep within. 

For smaller groups, following the drumming, hands on energy healing is shared with everyone attending. A lovely way to conclude the session, after sharing with others if you wish, prior to your journey home.

I believe I offer a very personal, supportive and nurturing experience to a group event.

Feedback from my sessions:

"That was the most loving and nurturing space."
"I wasn't expecting that."
"I could really feel the vibration go right through my body."
"You drum beautifully."
"Don't change anything you are doing, you are very authentic."

Please bring something comfortable to lie on, a blanket, pillow, water to drink following the session.


It is advised you aim to arrive 10 minutes before the start time, as once the session has started, it cannot be interrupted.  

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