Shamanic Sounds
Pure Energy/Reiki Healing

The Ozone Spa, Torquay

Ozone attic.jpg

To reserve your place, please call
Jenny on 07483 826823

Next session Tuesday 2 July 2019


(Please aim to arrive 5 minutes before the start time, as once the session has started, it cannot be interrupted)


The Ozone Spa
7 Manscombe Road
Devon, TQ2 6SP

Max 12 people

The Ozone Spa offers a very cosy and intimate space for you to relax, unwind, forget about everything and immerse yourself in the beautiful sounds of the Shamanic Drum.

How often do you make time for you to escape the outside world? No mobile phones, computers, work, deadlines, people needing from you.

When did you last put your needs before others? Self care is essential. We can only keep giving for so long before our body and mind says 'enough'.

We are hearing more and more about the benefits of sound therapy for our well being, and the Shamanic Drum is no exception.

To conclude the session Pure Energy/Reiki healing is shared with everyone attending.

Please bring something comfortable to lie on, a blanket, pillow and water to drink following the session.


*  Please note there are stairs leading to the venue space which would be unsuitable for anyone with mobility issues