Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Shamanic Drum Journey

Earth Goddess Temple, Bournemouth


To reserve your place, please call Jenny on 07483 826823

Saturday 29 June 2019

4 pm-7pm


(Please aim to arrive 10 minutes before, as once the session has started it cannot be interrupted)


Earth Goddess Temple

£30 per person

Cacao 'The Food of the Gods', the sensual Elixir. Are you ready to take a journey deep within your heart?

For me raw cacao is all about love - self love and/or sharing with another, and that is the focus of my cacao ceremonies, as it is with all my healing work. To not overthink things, sharing from a heart space and keeping it simple!


During the Ceremony, I move around the space playing my instruments close to your body, where you will feel the energy vibration deep within.

Smaller groups mean I can give more individual attention, including hands on energy healing.


I believe I offer a very personal and nurturing experience to a group event.

The raw cacao I use is Ceremonial Cacao Criollo from the Ashaninkas Tribe. It is grown traditionally, harvested in central Peru, non-GMO, 100% organic and raw. It is unprocessed, unlike some cheaper versions available on the high street, and is recognised and respected for its high quality and taste.

Used in Ceremony it is a powerful heart opening plant medicine.

Raw cacao is rich in anti-oxidants and minerals. It is a natural anti-depressant and can help with mental clarity.

Following the ceremony we will sit and eat together, a lovely way to extend our sharing experience and ground us before we journey home.

I am passionate about the vision and work of my friends at Earth Goddess Temple. This is the reason why I am travelling from Devon to facilitate the Ceremony.

I look forward to sharing a wonderful Ceremony with you, one of connection, friendship, heart opening and love.

More detailed information will be sent nearer the date on how to prepare and what to bring.