Do you feel addicted to your mobile phone? Me too - Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, WhatsApp. Or are you simply weary of owning such a 'busy' mobile?

Over the last 2 months being at home, a time of reflection and inner work, my mobile phone usage came into question.

1. Why do I feel a need to 'check-in' when I go anywhere was my first question. For whose benefit is it? Do I really need a google summary of my journeys and for what purpose? it serves no purpose.

2. Why do I need to take a photo/video and post it immediately? Because I like to 'share the moment' spontaneously, but in reality, most people are going about their day and will catch up with facebook later.

3. When I go out, am I really engaged in my surroundings whilst my mobile heats up in my handbag or pocket? The answer was no.

4. How often do I use my camera and video? Often.

5. How often to I use all the other Apps on my phone other than social media? Rarely.

6. Do I use a QR scanner? No.

7. Do I use my mobile to pay for items in shops? No.

8. Is my mobile phone usage excessive? Yes.

9. How do I feel when I forget my phone and leave it at home? Annoyed and lost.

10. How does it make you feel when you think of being without a smartphone?
Nervous and empowered.

11. Do I worry about my mobile phone having a negative impact on my health? Yes.

Those are a selection of questions I asked myself, and it was important for me to answer these truthfully. Maybe you could go through this same process?

This week I decided to take the plunge and sell my smartphone and purchase a £20 2G mobile - no GPS, data, camera ..... just a call and text mobile only, for when I am away from home. It is interesting how daunting this is feeling and makes me realise even more what a slave I had become to this device, but it is also feeling very empowering!

I believe many of us would like to be free of all wifi and mobile phones, but to cut everything out of your life in one go is a big ask, it is also so very convenient, quick to use and a form of communication essential for those living in rural areas, who travel distances, especially with children in the car.

I am a believer in 'baby steps' ... 'every bit helps' ... and this is a start.

When I leave the home, I will take my new mobile with me, and revert back to my standalone camera for taking photographs if needed. All my social media can wait until I am at home connected to my wifi. This will mean a reduction in my phone usage and I will not spend so much time being instantly available on the various social media platforms. It will take some adjusting, but I am up for the challenge!

I originally wrote about this recently on a blog and the Missing Kind Charity (Reg 156133) invited me to run this page under their 'Kinda' brand, for which I am grateful.

I invite you to join me on the KindaPhone smartphone challenge. Please comment under this post if you are joining me. Thanks everyone!


Email me at to share your experience of making the change.